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Wed Aug 8 15:07:53 UTC 2012

Am 08.08.2012 10:11 schrieb "Samu Voutilainen" <smar at smar.fi>:
> Hi,
> Regarding http://blog.neverendingo.de/?p=164, have you got anyone to do it
> yet?
> I assume it is just to integrate the layout to the code? It should be
> straightforward to do even without proper rails knowledge.
> What worries me more on that project is that if there is some tables and
> similar elements that needs alternation for layout, what about further
> by chilliproject/redmine to those components? Those needs manual merging,
> can get a bit ugly. What have you thought about that?
> Anyway, I can try my best with it. I have some time next weeks to play
> it. Or has there been any others who’d be more able to do it so far? :)
> --
> Terveisin,
> Samu Voutilainen
> http://smar.fi

Hello Samu,

thanks for your interest. There already was some interest shown to provide
a solution, yes. But that doesn't mean you couldn't collaborate on that.

As you described, yes, it is questionable how to approach a solution
indeed. One issue is, chili itself doesn't provide theming. You can switch
several css files, but that's about it, no different html output. So the
maybe first thing would be to patch chili to support several themes, which
would reduce the overhead of maintenance in just overwriting the default

So what i could think of is:
- research the default theme about what vars or functions are needed to
output the necessary content
- patch chrili to make the theme switchable
- write a new theme based on our already existing solution called neverland
- enjoy your first contributions  :)

So. if you really are interested, feel free to contact us, preferrably even
in one of our IRC channels like stated in my blogpost above.

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