Of layout integration of projects.kde.org

Samu Voutilainen smar at smar.fi
Tue Aug 7 12:41:18 UTC 2012


Regarding http://blog.neverendingo.de/?p=164, have you got anyone to do it 

I assume it is just to integrate the layout to the code? It should be pretty 
straightforward to do even without proper rails knowledge. 

What worries me more on that project is that if there is some tables and other 
similar elements that needs alternation for layout, what about further patches 
by chilliproject/redmine to those components? Those needs manual merging, and 
can get a bit ugly. What have you thought about that? 

Anyway, I can try my best with it. I have some time next weeks to play with 
it. Or has there been any others who’d be more able to do it so far? :)
Samu Voutilainen

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