Joining KDE as Web developer

Lukas 1lukas1 at
Thu Jun 23 17:16:27 UTC 2011

So Jay, if you are willing to take this job, I'd suggest to start by writing
a quick work plan with requirements and deadlines, so we could help pushing
things up, if necessary :)

I would start by defining (at least draft) API, so it would be easy to add
new sites/replaces existing ones in future, as well as reuse code in the
future. Something like

response in json
  [title: string,
   excerpt: text,
   link: string,
   thumb: string
   rating: int].

thumb, if page contains pics, we can show them. Pics are fun :)
rating, at the time (for experiment) just use some simple math to turn read
count into the [1..10] rating.

Let us know if you need something.

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