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Mon Jun 6 10:32:02 UTC 2011

Hi Trever,

A month ago I wrote to www-mailing list
plugin would fit perfectly this work flow, but also it could be easily
embedded into any other kde site without any extra hassle.

WWW squad, was there any talks within the sprint about it?


On 6 June 2011 00:55, Trever Fischer <tdfischer at> wrote:

> Howdy.
> Here at Randa, the KDE Multimedia team had a discussion on community
> building.
> One major topic considered was the introduction of new developers.
> Currently,
> Phonon has a total of two developers and we're always looking for more. As
> part of introducing new developers, we're revamping our efforts across all
> of
> kde-multimedia to document APIs, development processes, tools, etc
> I went to review our current "introduction to phonon" tutorial[1] and
> noticed
> a curious feature: The "infobox" on the right side displays the number of
> happy and unhappy readers.
> If an unhappy reader views the page, I'm 90% certain that they wouldn't go
> through the effort to edit the page to say that they were unhappy.
> It'd be neat if we could have a mediawiki extension, like
> on userbase and
> techbase for immediate anonymous feedback.
> Opinions? Please CC/reply-all me, I'm not subscribed.
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