Proposing a cms

Emil Sedgh emilsedgh at
Sat Jun 4 11:23:14 UTC 2011

Hi guys.
2 years ago me and Eugene started to create a cms specifically designed for 
KDE. Back then, it was named 'Usekde'.

However, I abandoned it because I felt it was not very welcomed back then.
Now that you are searching for a good solution, I think its worth a look.

As for the list of requirements:
[1]   ☐ Multisite
[2]   ☑ Rights
[3]   ☑ Editor
[4]   ☐ Theming subfolders [2]
[5]   ☑ Availability plugins
[6]   ☑ Backwatds compatibility
[7]   ?   Scalibility [3]
[8]   ☐ Api Xml rpc
[9]   ☐ Identity (Openid already there) [4]
[10] ☑ Revision control
[11] ☑ Easy upload images
[12] ☑ Translatable

1: It doesnt have multisite support, but it was made with multisite in mind, 
which means adding multisite to it would be very easy.

2: System has groups and users. Each user belongs to a group and we set access 
controlls for user groups. Although, using projects.k.o and Identity.k.o I can 
do more advanced stuff, like a developer having automatic access to his project 
(and subages).

3: A TinyMCE editor is included + 2 additional plugins. One of them lets you 
choose a standard icon (like, oxygen) and the other one allows 
you to upload an image and insert it right to the editor.

4: Theme support is already there. At right, i added a 'Change theme' feature 
so you can test different themes. Ability to have some sub-pages with a 
different theme isnt there yet. Although it would be very easy to implement.

5: There are already many plugins available. Writing new ones is very easy. 
You can see a list of them on

6: The software has a very easy API and small codebase. And we manage it so 
there's no need for worries here.

7: The database design of the system is a bit weird (Not bad, though). This 
causes too many queries for each node. However 1)A proper caching system is 
there. 2)We can change it to old-style database if necessary 3)I think using a 
no-sql database, this design actually gives us more performance.
My only concern, however, is memory usage, which is a bit high. Although Im 
sure i can recude it a LOT.

8: Could be provided as well.

9: When i created this, there was no identity.k.o, so I added OpenId support. 
I can add Identity integration in a few days. Please note that I recently made 
Sprints.k.o which has Identity.k.o integration, so Im familiar with 
requirements and how its done.

10: Each content is a node here. We have complete history of each node with 
ability to revert to any other node. You can see an example here:

11: Already talked about this on [3]

12: It uses Gettext for UI translation. It has also more i18n capabilities. 
For example it could use alternative calendar systems (Like Jalali, my 
countrie's native). However thats no use of KDE.
As for content translation:
1) Using the node system, it could be added to system.
2) However, I strongly recommend againts having a single instance of a website 
running in more than 1 language. Having an instance for each language works 
much better. Please note that this applies to all CMS'es.

The main issue with the approach is the fact that it is not built on top of a 
well-known cms or framework.

And, oh, to login to test system use admin/admin 

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