Adding i18n to webpages

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Tue Nov 23 00:07:50 UTC 2010

Sorry for the cross-posting, not sure who has to make a call on my question so 
i'm mailing the web people, the translators and also the decision makers. 
Please anyone that is interested in following the discussion answer to kde-www 
only, no need to spam four lists with it.

For you that do not know, our php framework has i18n capabilities as you can 
see in
"What is?"->"¿Qué es?" and the footer is also translated.

My plan is to make webpage translation as automatic as GUI translation is.

That is, i want to make make scripty extract the i18n calls from the .php 
files to create .pot files and also make it create the .inc files (what the 
.php framework uses as input) from the translated .po files

But this poses a security problem. At the moment KDE protects the access to 
www with ACL since it was decided our webpages are a sensitive place. If i add 
this automated tools it would be making anyone that commits to l10n-kde4 able 
to modify a web page (Since i can ask for the translation of "What is?" and 
they can translate it to some random thing).

Is this something we want to do or I better spend my time elsewhere?


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