Patch for /srv/www/svn/www/sites/konqueror/download/index.php

Savani's Westgate westgate at
Sun Mar 7 12:54:22 UTC 2010

--- /srv/www/svn/www/sites/konqueror/download/index.php (original) 
+++ /srv/www/svn/www/sites/konqueror/download/index.php (new version) 
@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@
 <p>Konqueror is part of KDE's "kdebase" package. The HTML rendering engine khtml is
 together with all other needed KDE libraries contained in KDE's "kdelibs" package.</p>
-<p>To install Konqueror please refer to the <a href="">
-pages on how to install KDE</a>.
+<p>To install Konqueror please click here

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