Meeting: Website redesign meets Promo

Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn at
Sun Jan 10 16:01:14 UTC 2010

Hi dear Promostars and Websters,

hope you've had a great start into 2010...
But as the year is growing older and older, I'd like to trouble you with work 
and such ;)
Of course it'll be the fun and rewarding kind of work.

As we all know the www team has been working hard to give us a new and shiny 

And things have been progressing (or so I'm told).
Long story short, the www team would like promo people to help out a bit on 
the text side.

So we propose a meeting of promo and www on IRC in #kde-www.
Lydia set up a doodle, so quick, fill it out, time is fleeting! And I do want to 
see the new websites!!!

Vote here (poll closes on Wednesday, times are UTC):

The result will then be posted on Wednesday.

Please join and keep rocking!


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