[kde-promo] Meeting: Website redesign meets Promo

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 16:26:22 UTC 2010

On Sunday 10 January 2010 17:01:14 Frederik Gladhorn wrote:
> Hi dear Promostars and Websters,
> hope you've had a great start into 2010...
> But as the year is growing older and older, I'd like to trouble you with
>  work and such ;)
> Of course it'll be the fun and rewarding kind of work.
> As we all know the www team has been working hard to give us a new and
>  shiny shiny kde.org.
> And things have been progressing (or so I'm told).
> Long story short, the www team would like promo people to help out a bit on
> the text side.
> So we propose a meeting of promo and www on IRC in #kde-www.
> Lydia set up a doodle, so quick, fill it out, time is fleeting! And I do
>  want to see the new websites!!!
> Vote here (poll closes on Wednesday, times are UTC):
> http://www.doodle.com/myk8cv2sxf43enra
> The result will then be posted on Wednesday.
> Please join and keep rocking!
> Cheers
> Frederik

You have no idea how happy this email makes me. I was just about to write a 
flaming email about how we won't have a new kde.org if we can't finish the 
design in a week or so and start writing text.

I was even about to deadline the whole thing to sunday next week - after 
which, if there would be no first version of the site and no clear list of 
text to be written, I'd initiate the backup plan. Which is rewrite the CURRENT 
texts for the CURRENT website, and postphone the introduction of the new one 
with 6 months.

Seriously. Yes, a long shot from the "I love you all" email I send a couple of 
weeks ago. Then again, I was drugged at that time, and I'm sober now ;-)

So I'm really glad this is still moving.

Anyway. Considering the Doodle, I can't really plan anything as I'll be at 
Camp KDE over the next two weeks (starting wednesday as travel day) so I might 
or might not join. However the requirements afaik are clear:

As I've said to a few of the web devs in private mail before, we need some 
kind of list of texts to be (re)written, and a couple of weeks AT LEAST to do 
it. As this comes at a time the feature guide still needs a lot of work, I 
would really like to get moving - imho doing the irc meeting on friday or 
saturday would be preferred so we can start asap.

Again, I'm really happy to see there is progress... AND I would really like to 
know HOW MUCH that progress is. We need to assess asap if we'll be able to 
meet the deadline (which is soooon!).

Cheers and love,


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