bugs.kde.org account creation -> fail

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Jan 1 23:30:48 UTC 2010

I forwarded him to sysadmin.


A Divendres, 1 de gener de 2010, Stefan Richter va escriure:
> Hi,
> after entering an e-mail address in an attempt to register an account at
> bugs.kde.org, the browser displays a page with the curious message
> 	Request for new user account 'stefan-r-bz@s5r6.in-berlin.de'
> 	submitted
> 	A confirmation email has been sent containing a link to continue
> 	creating an account. The link will expire if an account is not
> 	created within 3 days.
> but no confirmation arrives, ever.  (I whitelisted ''address :contains
> ["from"] "kde.org"'' in my spam filters.)
> Perhaps your servers attempt to send to a certain
> stefan-r-bz@s5r6.in-berlin.de instead of stefan-r-bz at s5r6.in-berlin.de.
> Then there is this hopeful contact link to "The KDE sysadmins" at the
> bottom of each page.  Nice one, you can contact them only if you already
> got an account.

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