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Ingo Malchow imalchow at kde.org
Sun Feb 28 10:20:01 UTC 2010

Hello Eric,

Am Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010 08:39:22 schrieb Eric Sagnes:
> Hi,
> As it is the first time I participate in KDE mailing list or project,
> please let me shortly introduce myself.
> My name is Eric Sagnes, I discovered KDE since 4.1, and I am really happy
> using it everyday and always impressed by all the innovations and
> technologies it brings. I am french, but I currently live in Tokyo, and
> work as a consultant for a open source cms company.
> Yesterday was held an open source conference in Tokyo, and I happened to
> meet the KDE Japanese users team there. Very nice and friendly people!
> After some interesting discussions, we came to the sad conclusion that
> KDESC user base in Japan is very small, and that it will be great if we
> could introduce KDESC to more people.
> As a first effort, we were thinking on renewing the web site.
> it appears that the main japanese site <http://www.kde.gr.jp/> is pretty
> old, and dont really transmit the KDESC coolness.

Very much appreciated effort. (btw, SC is only used for the release ;) )

> More than just renewing the current site, we were thinking to make an
> adaption of the new kde.org in Japanese. (at least the top page in a first
> time) By the way, the new kde.org look great, congratulations to all
> people involved!
> After a quick look to websvn, I guess the right place to start this will be
> in /trunk/www/international.
> I also made a checkout of /trunk/www/sites/www, as I guess it is the
> kde.org source.

Yes the sources for the main site are unter trunk/www/sites/www, but it also 
uses a custom framework called "capacity", which you can find under 
trunk/www/media. Inside it you will find an include dir which needs to be added 
to the php include dir on the server.
You can find more information on http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/kde.org, 
especially about setting up capacity.

> But right now, I dont really have a clue on what to do next.
> It will be great if somebody could give me some directions or hints. (I
> dont have a svn account yet)
> Thanks,
> Eric

If you have any questions left, feel free to jump on Freenode irc, channel 

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