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As it is the first time I participate in KDE mailing list or project, please 
let me shortly introduce myself.

My name is Eric Sagnes, I discovered KDE since 4.1, and I am really happy 
using it everyday and always impressed by all the innovations and technologies 
it brings. I am french, but I currently live in Tokyo, and work as a 
consultant for a open source cms company.

Yesterday was held an open source conference in Tokyo, and I happened to meet 
the KDE Japanese users team there. Very nice and friendly people!

After some interesting discussions, we came to the sad conclusion that KDESC 
user base in Japan is very small, and that it will be great if we could 
introduce KDESC to more people.
As a first effort, we were thinking on renewing the web site.
it appears that the main japanese site <http://www.kde.gr.jp/> is pretty old, 
and dont really transmit the KDESC coolness.

More than just renewing the current site, we were thinking to make an adaption 
of the new kde.org in Japanese. (at least the top page in a first time)
By the way, the new kde.org look great, congratulations to all people 

After a quick look to websvn, I guess the right place to start this will be in 
I also made a checkout of /trunk/www/sites/www, as I guess it is the kde.org 

But right now, I dont really have a clue on what to do next.
It will be great if somebody could give me some directions or hints. (I dont 
have a svn account yet)

Eric Sagnes
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