please move a page in userbase

mark.ziegler at mark.ziegler at
Mon Feb 15 12:05:05 UTC 2010

Hello Anne,

Am 15.02.2010 11:47, schrieb Anne Wilson:
> On Sunday 14 February 2010 18:22:12 Jonathan Raphael Joachim Kolberg wrote:
>> Could you please move the page File:KMix_click_de.png to
>> File:KMix_mixer_de.png, because I uploaded the File under wrong name. Sorry
>> for that, but thanks for fixing it.
>> Sincierly Jonathan Kolberg
> Only sysop can do this, so I deleted the file for him and the  
> re-named file was uploaded.
> As far as I know we have only one person with sysop rights.  Is it  
> possible to give those rights to neverendingo too?  I believe danimo  
> will need to do this.

We have many more persons with appropiate rights.



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