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On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 6:56 AM, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
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> Hi,
> this is the maintainer/author of writing. Which BTW is up-to-
> date ;) And easily maintained. Though it shares the bus number with kde-
>, I fear.
> Here my 2 cents (and a link to working code, not just words):
> <busy contributor summary>
> Let's start to use central meta/about data files which feed all places
> describing our software, including the apps pages. Both for consistency and
> low-maintenance.
> First build system integration for KAboutData already provided.
> </busy contributor summary>
> Mercredi, le 3 février 2010, à 12:00, Jos Poortvliet a écrit:
>> I don't want to shoot this effort down, but you just can't count on a
>> page only accessible by SVN to stay updated. Any page which has to be
>> updated more than once a year MUST be a wiki or it won't be updated.
> Jos, you being a psychologist (?) I do not wonder you only think of human
> beings. Which I in fact very much appreciate :)
> But for some minutes also consider these automates, driven by control code.
> So, what about updating the content with them, i.e. automatically? And, worse,
> not just less than once a year, but every two hours, if needed?
> Because the content wanted is (almost) all there, up-to-date and often even
> with multiple translations. In the KAboutData stuffing code (which feeds the
> About dialog) and in the manuals. So what about drawing these data from there,
> without any human interaction?
> When developing I had thought about the problem of maintenance a
> lot. Just consider where for the 4.4 release the new version for a program has
> to be updated:
> * About dialog
> * manual
> * homepage
> * software package/stores (e.g. by lsm, spec or similar files)
> * bugzilla
> * UserBase
> * ?
> Or consider a new program, how often have all the metadata/aboutdata to be
> transformed/copied to all the different places? And, as especially typically
> with new programs, have changes to be redistributed to all these places?
> See, e.g. Okteta:
> It isn't listed on Because I as Okteta's author have better to
> do then to manually maintain another copy of the About Data. And this fate
> might be the same for many other programs of the KDE SC and KDE ExtraGear. So
> I cannot really consider _the_ database for software from KDE (as
> in: svn account holders).
> On UserBase the version number is wrong. Even with brave Anne and the others
> giving the UserBase pages so much care, which serves so much respect.
> Many Okteta packages still point to as homepage and have an
> outdated description.
> You get the fact.
> The solution I see is a canonical aboutdata format which is stored at a
> central place and feeds as much other places as possible. Single-source might
> be the buzzword to apply.
> The most logical place is again in the svn repository, a file per
> program/plugin, right in the toplevel code dir. This is already the place
> where already the most up-to-date metadata is located, that for the
> KAboutData. And also enables easy access for the buildsystem and translation
> system.
> So last weekend I finally sat down and turned a part of this idea into code:
> There you can find the program aboutdata_generator for now, which generates
> KAboutData feeding code from an about file.
> aboutdata_generator is to be used like Qt's UI compiler:
> Add to the CMakeLists.txt
>    kde4_add_about_files( YOURPROGRAM_SRCS YOURPROGRAM.about )
> and in the source file where the KAboutData instance was previously
> explicitely set, do just a #include <YOURPROGRAM_aboutdata.h> and use the
> class YourprogramAboutData as prefilled KAboutData class.

Something like this would be awesome, especially if a commit hook
automatically called the appropriate things website side to update the

> For Okteta it works already sufficiently :)
> The about file used with Okteta as example is this:
> (data schema is of course not done yet, needs more input from all
> stakeholders, I started only last WE, so this first showing it off to more :)
> )
> IMHO UserBase should serve as a collection of usage information, like FAQ, tip
> &tricks, links to related stuff.  It also should be more integrated with the
> (creation of the) manuals we do, because the purposes are quite similar. But
> both should draw all meta/about data from the one single source, for
> consistency and zero-maintenance.


> Packagers might also like to be able to script part of their spec file
> creation. The OpenSuse Build system could even fabricate packages without any
> human input besides pressing "Enter".
> (and other software listing places, think freshmeat or
> could automatically import all the info about our released software, from some
> RSS-feed or another static place with given format.
> Back to topic:
> So maintenance for these app pages on should be no argument in the
> future. In fact I think there should be some detailed overviews on's
> site about the software products we create, to help newcomers get a picture or
> find what they are looking for. Overviews like I did them in ;)
> For the time being entering all the data manually (well, Daniel had done a
> wild extraction script grepping the KAboutData filling code for base data)
> should be acceptable. I think  the system with the about files,
> aboutdata_generator, a commit-hook or better a cron script updating the base
> data of the apps pages should be done in the next two month. Including
> integration with the manual creation.
> Oha, long email, but hopefully interesting and motivating. Do you agree, is
> this about file system the way to go?

This is certainly a good idea, although convincing developers to use a
dynamic about data system may take some work.

> Cheers
> Friedrich
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