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Thu Feb 4 03:34:24 UTC 2010

On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 12:00 AM, Jos Poortvliet <jospoortvliet at> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 10:27 AM, Ingo Malchow
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>> Am Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010 09:43:14 schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
>>> A Dimarts, 2 de febrer de 2010, Daniel Laidig va escriure:
>>> So are we having application pages in the new www page?
>>> Doesn't that duplicate:
>>>  * Userbase pages
>>>  * Application pages
>> Not necessarily, the app pages on the main site just give a short overview of
>> the apps, see for an
>> example. Those hold general information and links to further resources (which
>> includes the userbase entry).
> Looking at that page I think this will be unmaintainable. Only the
> screenshot and text: that might work, it's rather generic. But having
> the list of features and authors there - that needs to be updated at
> least once a year.

The authors section is as far as I know created by a utility which
parses the source code looking for KAboutData.
Hence the script simply has to be run when updated meaning the
maintenance is low.

> Basically, you'd have to write ANY text and page on the
> homepage in such a way that it ONLY needs updating once every 2 or 3
> years. Not because we don't want to update it more often, but because
> history has shown it simply WONT be updated more often. So a list of
> features (unless it is really basic), a list of authors, anything more
> than a simple description of what the app does - it will get outdated
> too soon.
> Basically, a lot of the text on the website has NOT been updated since
> the previous rewrite of the website. Don't count on things going
> different this time. I know, you all want to stick around, want to
> update it etc etc - but real life is not like that. There is guarantee
> someone else will take over when you leave, and even then, this ain't
> the most interesting work to do.
> The text for parley is perfect. The screenshot is nice. The sidebar
> with 'get more info' is great. The features list and list of authors
> is just a bad idea.
> I don't want to shoot this effort down, but you just can't count on a
> page only accessible by SVN to stay updated. Any page which has to be
> updated more than once a year MUST be a wiki or it won't be updated.
> Added advantage of keeping the pages without all the fluff: less work
> to get it online.
> Please think about getting rid of everything but the sort description
> and the screenshot for all these app pages.
> Love,
> Jos
>>> Having the same or worse, different info, in three places can be a little
>>> confusing to the user and a pain to maintain to the developer.
>>> Albert
>>> > Daniel
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