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Wed Feb 3 08:43:14 UTC 2010

A Dimarts, 2 de febrer de 2010, Daniel Laidig va escriure:
> Hey,
> this is just a list of stuff which should be done for the application
>  pages:
> * do we want some kind of big teaser for the application entry page?
> * do we need an introduction text?
> * make the category and application listings look pretty (and more compact,
>  so the page won't get too long and frank has some space for adding
> * make the application pages look pretty (all the current
>  css code is just a hack) * figure out what to do with the "Show more info"
>  javascript stuff. possibilities:
>    1) keep it, but write some proper js code for it
>    2) move it to an extra page
>    3) find a better solution
> * solve the navigation issues
> * Nightrose wanted to restructure the links in the sidebar ;)

So are we having application pages in the new www page?

Doesn't that duplicate:
 * Userbase pages
 * Application pages

Having the same or worse, different info, in three places can be a little 
confusing to the user and a pain to maintain to the developer.


> Daniel
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