TODO for the app pages

Daniel Laidig d.laidig at
Tue Feb 2 17:24:04 UTC 2010


this is just a list of stuff which should be done for the application pages:

* do we want some kind of big teaser for the application entry page?
* do we need an introduction text?
* make the category and application listings look pretty (and more compact, so  
  the page won't get too long and frank has some space for adding
* make the application pages look pretty (all the current css code is just a hack)
* figure out what to do with the "Show more info" javascript stuff.
   1) keep it, but write some proper js code for it
   2) move it to an extra page
   3) find a better solution
* solve the navigation issues
* Nightrose wanted to restructure the links in the sidebar ;)


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