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Ernesto Tinajero ernestotinajeroseo at
Thu Sep 17 17:50:37 UTC 2009


I am contacting you on behalf of a client printer accessories website,   I'm interested in purchasing a link from 
your great site. I'm not looking for a banner or anything flashy. In 
fact, I'm not looking to take traffic from your site at all. I'm solely 
looking for a simple 2-3 word text link anywhere on the page. I'd like 
to offer a monthly fee via PayPal every month just to keep the link live 
on the site. If this sounds like a possibility, please contact me at 
your earliest convenience.


Thank you,

Ernesto Tinajero
(509) 321-0609
etinajero at <mailto:ernestotinajeroseo at>


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