Useless referral to in kdetv-help

Julien Michielsen julien at
Tue Oct 27 12:15:11 UTC 2009

I installed the kdetv programme, and ran into problems with it.  
In the help-section of kdetv it refers to (under "about kdetv"). 
So I went to look there: only to see the picture of an aged man and woman, 
who seem to be watching tv. Anyway: not doing anything related to the 
I don't know if the name of the website ( is protected. If it is 
somehow (and if kde wants to give some contents to a website with that name) 
I think action should be undertaken. If not (maybe because the name is owned 
by a different organisation) no reference should be made to this website.
Julien Michielsen          

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