Where do we put events an booth on the websites? was Re: [kde-promo] Fwd: Call for Participation für Projekte: OpenExpo 23./24. September 2009

Myriam Schweingruber schweingruber at pharma-traduction.ch
Wed May 27 17:03:58 UTC 2009

Hi all,

As this is in direct relation to the website, I subscribed kde-www to
that and opened a new thread.

2009/5/23 Alexandra Leisse <leisse at kde.org>:
> 2009/5/22 Dan Borne <danborne.kde at gmail.com>:
>> Be sure to add it to http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Promo/conferenceseu !
> I put in a placeholder which can be filled with content on the go. :)

Ok, I put in some stuff there, but basically there is a big mismatch
on where things should be put apparently:

LinuxTag2009 in Berlin is listed here:


OpenExpo Winterthur 2009 is listed here:


That makes absolutely no sense at all, as both are conferences with
talks & booths, so they should be at the same place.

And IIRC there is also a wiki lying somewhere with event entries. Oh,
and didn't we also have a spread.kde.org? What difference is that
again? Not promo but marketing but not events or conferences? Why does
everything have to be in so many different places? It's a bit as if
every time something comes up we discover a new place where to put
stuff. It's totally confusing IMHO, and I'm sure not only for me.


Could we have a plan where to put things? We should clearly state

* what is deprecated and should not be used anymore (and should be
locked then to deny anybody adding new things)

* have one single place for all the marketing, and IMO events, and
talks and booth and merchandise should all go in the same place. There
still is possibility to make sub-pages, so a proposition could be:

- Events (where we still can make a distinction between types of
events if really necessary, like Dev conferences or General Public
events (CeBIT for example)
  - Booth (logically a sub-page of events, as these booths are always
in relation to some event)
  - Talks (given during events, with links tot the slides, docu, etc.)
- Marketing (which again needs a tad more clarification on what has to
go in there and why it is called Promo elsewhere)
- Merchandise (which will certainly have to be somewhere, too, and as
it is used in conjunction with events and booths...)

I'm willing to give a hand to clear that up, but with help and a clear
line on what goes where. And a list of all things lying around
somewhere that should go elsewhere since ages, etc.

Hope this doesn't come over too much as a rant (which it is, in a way,
..) but today I had to make corrections on two events and got confused
over that.

If, on the contrary there already *is* such a plan and I am just not
well informed, please disregard this mail. But since I am on this list
(about a year now) the events/booth/conference pages have changed at
least 4 times in four different locations and its really not easy to
find a way through all this.

Regards, Myriam.

PS. Is there a map of the webpages available that could help sorting a little?

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