KDE Documentation

Rainer Endres rainer at contrivance.org
Tue Mar 17 17:54:30 UTC 2009


On Sunday 15 March 2009 15:10:50 Martin Grashoff wrote:
> Dear webmaster (m/f),
> On the KDE Documentation site (http://docs.kde.org/) it says "KControl and
> KInfoCenter documentation get separate boxes". Now I would love to see
> these, but didn't manage. It could be helpful to point out where exactly
> these 'boxes' can be found in the really confusing virtual reality of KDE
> websites. If, after all, I just missed to click the right link, I do
> apologize & ask your forgiveness.

You can see the mentioned boxes by selecting one of the kdebase-* categories. 

I hope this is what you were searching for. 
I know, not obvious and my wording in that introduction does not help.

Best wishes, 


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