KDE 4.2 Visual Guide -- a question

Carlie J. Coats coats at baronams.com
Tue Jan 27 20:27:24 UTC 2009

When I installed Mandriva 2009.0's KDE4.1.3, I was never able to 
control menus activated by root-window mouse-clicks (what KDE3.x
configured by KControl > Desktop > Behavior > Mouse Button Actions).

After searching and inquiring on multiple fora, I have been completely
unable to find out whether restoring this functionality is "in the
works."  Nor was I able to find out anything from the article


It is something I have had in some form or fashion since I first
started using SPARCStation2's back many years ago, and for the kind
of work I do (involving huge virtual screens much larger than the
physical screen, so that I can visualize data sets with dimensions
like 7500x5000 effectively), it is a *drop-dead*requirement*.

Will this ever be fixed in KDE 4.x?


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