Restructuring techbase and userbase

Anne Wilson annew at
Mon Jan 19 20:10:33 UTC 2009

On Monday 19 January 2009 19:04:04 Stephen Kelly wrote:
> We also spoke briefly about translations and came to the conclusion that as
> the language of using KDE for third party development and of contributing
> to KDE is English, techbase and communitybase do not need translation in
> the same way as userbase, though people will probably still want to
> translate them. The issue of maintaining multiple mediawiki installations
> for translations seemed like a large maintenance burden, so we thought
> sticking with the current scheme of code in brackets at end would do for
> now and to check what other wikis do. Also, some translations have only one
> or two pages translated, so setting up wikis for all language codes there
> are teams for in KDE may be a way to use more resources than necessary. The
> biggest non-wikimedia wiki I know of is wikitravel, and they have some
> pages which must be translated, and then they set up a new wiki at
> Danimo (Who is not on this list as far as I know) is talking about this
> issue on his blog, so if you want to discuss this I don't know if this
> mailing list or his blog is the best place to do so, as he is the technical
> contact.
Danimo is talking to the author of  He (the author) is of the 
opinion that it might suit userbase's need very well, and he's interested in 
working with us.  If the conversation proves fruitful the same extension might 
be useful for techbase as well.

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