KDE 4.2 RC1 Info page

Arne Babenhauserheide arne_bab at web.de
Fri Jan 16 08:28:24 UTC 2009


I just read the KDE 4.2 RC1 info page and I feel that a mentioning of the kde-
testing overlay in Gentoo is missing. 

It might not provide binary packages (Gentoo's source based after all), but it 
provides the packages needed for direct installation. I've been using KDE 
since at least 4.0 with that method. 

All these packages can be pulled in via 

	layman -a kde-testing

And then unmasking them in /etc/portage/package.keywords

KDE can then be installed via 

	emerge @kde4.2

Could you add a link to the Gentoo KDE Project and the information that they 
manage the kde-testing overlay which offers kde-4.2-rc1? 
- http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/desktop/kde/index.xml

Best wishes, 
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