Restructuring techbase and userbase

Anne Wilson annew at
Sun Jan 4 17:40:12 UTC 2009

On Sunday 04 January 2009 16:20:03 Stephen Kelly wrote:
> Capacity is the system used for making the * pages, such as the
> kbabel one etc.
> I don't see any problem with having an if the developer of
> appname or someone else is willing to maintain it.
> You could put your news and announcements there if you have any, use
> techbase for informing people how to contribute to the app (in all ways,
> not just coding), and use userbase for whatever users need to know.
It is essential, though, that the user can find whatever is available by 
starting at userbase.  Probably the biggest argument for starting userbase was 
that info is scattered all over the web, and thus is difficult to find.   
Userbase should be a jumping off place - either to other userbase pages or to 
website elsewhere.   Personally, I don't care where the info is, as long as it 
can be easily found.

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