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Frederic Sheedy sheedy at
Sun Jan 4 17:25:09 UTC 2009

2009/1/4 Stephen Kelly <steveire at>:
> Frederic Sheedy wrote:
>> CONS:
>> - need a wiki for each sub domain.
> Do we really need a wiki for each subdomain? A couple of years ago I tried
> one wiki installation with symlinks and different localsettings.php for
> each, and it worked. I only tried locally though. Didn't deploy anywhere.

You are right! This is describe here:
I especially like method 2.

>> - a user account is valid for only one wiki (to be confirm).
> I think that's true. However, why would a translator of the French wiki need
> an account on the Italian one? Unless they translate for both.


>> - need to do modifications on the actual wiki.
> What does this mean?

That mean, we have to move content, like on specify below! Nothing more.

> more:
>  - The content would have to be moved (Though can be scripted)
>  - Some translations on *bases have only a few pages translated. Not enough
> to justify a subdomain. Chicken and egg issue.

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