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Sun Jan 4 11:33:24 UTC 2009


am Samstag, 3. Januar 2009 schrieb Anne Wilson:
> > You can use one account for multiple pages. So maybe people should get
> > used to use OpenID. In our opninion ;-)
> I'm not sure what you mean by this.

OpenID is nice, but not trivial as a normal login consisting of 
username/password. I do not know why we offer only OpenID.

> > A thing I would like to talk about is the future of Userbase. Should it
> > be the home (website) for some apps like skanlite or lokalize. I spoke to
> > the authors and they like the idea. We discussed that in our september
> > meeting, but there was no decision.
> Some of the smaller projects have already made that decision.  
Which one for example?

> My opinion
> is that the devs in question should decide whether they want to use
> userbase as a project home, or whether they want a full-blown project site,
> with userbase linking to it.  IMO there is room for both - I don't see any
> conflict.
Me either, but I thought we would like to offer userbase as their home to 
reduce no. of outdated * pages? 

See kbabels page at
We need something similar for lokalize.
How to deal with that? A userbase page (few lines, a screenshot and some 
links) and techbase page for lokalize does not leave the same mark as a page 
made with Capacity.

> If you are ready to contribute, please read UserBase and
> UserBase/Guidelines before starting.
> where UserBase and UserBase/Guidelines are links.  Do they not give the
> information that you are needing?  If not, we need to discuss what else is
> required and the best way to present it.
I know these pages. Userbase is fine at the moment. 
But I doubt that userbase is groing like techbase. To less people 

> > We talked about reducing no. of outdated * pages, but where to
> > put the content?
> > The promo people missing a place to provide slides, movies, managing
> > events. Will we have onther wiki? Than we need to spent time on cleaning
> > up techbase and moving content.
> Wherever the promo people keep these, they should be linked from userbase
> or techbase, as appropriate.

Hmmh. Its like in September. Discussion at kde-www, discussion at promo list 
... and no accordance :-(

And I really doubt that userbase is the right place to manage events or 
maintain lists for talk slides.


If you find typos or wondering of my short message, this is related to my 
current limited mobility.
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