Restructuring techbase and userbase

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Sat Jan 3 17:34:51 UTC 2009

On Saturday 03 January 2009 16:13:40 Mark Ziegler wrote:
> Hallo,
Hi - I'm coming in late to this discussion :-)

> am Samstag, 3. Januar 2009 schrieb Stephen Kelly:
> > Another issue I'd like to see fixed is URL normalization. If I use
> > konqueror up while on a tutorial page, I get to
> > which is not the same as
> > without the slash on the end. There are
> > a few ways to solve this.
> >
> > 1) mediawiki redirects for pages with subpages. Ie redirect
> > [[Tutorials/]] to [[Tutorials]]. This is not a big job if we reduce the
> > number of subpages and sub-sub-pages as I'm proposing.
> > 2) HTTP redirects (301, permanent redirect request.url_with_slash to
> > request.url_without_slash). I can't think of a reason someone would want
> > a slash on the end of a page in techbase or userbase.
> > 3) Maybe mediawiki has a setting for this?
> Have to check.
If there is some way of ensuring that a page with a final slash doesn't get 
created by accident, then we should use it, IMO.

> > Yet another thing that I don't see a reason for is that it's not possible
> > to create a 'normal' account on userbase. Why is that?
> You can use one account for multiple pages. So maybe people should get used
> to use OpenID. In our opninion ;-)
I'm not sure what you mean by this.

> > Can we change it?
> Maybe the admins can tell you. Imho it should be easy.
> > What do you think of these ideas?
> I do not see the big benefit on changing techbase structure so much. Result
> would be that we have many dead links in search engines.
> gives you a
> hint where this app belongs to. Maybe I have to read your email once more
> :-)
> A thing I would like to talk about is the future of Userbase. Should it be
> the home (website) for some apps like skanlite or lokalize. I spoke to the
> authors and they like the idea. We discussed that in our september meeting,
> but there was no decision. 

Some of the smaller projects have already made that decision.  My opinion is 
that the devs in question should decide whether they want to use userbase as a 
project home, or whether they want a full-blown project site, with userbase 
linking to it.  IMO there is room for both - I don't see any conflict.

> I stopped contributing to userbase because I
> miss some guidelines for userbase. What should be in.

That surprises me.  The front page has

If you are ready to contribute, please read UserBase and UserBase/Guidelines 
before starting.

where UserBase and UserBase/Guidelines are links.  Do they not give the 
information that you are needing?  If not, we need to discuss what else is 
required and the best way to present it.

> We talked about reducing no. of outdated * pages, but where to put
> the content?
> The promo people missing a place to provide slides, movies, managing
> events. Will we have onther wiki? Than we need to spent time on cleaning up
> techbase and moving content.
Wherever the promo people keep these, they should be linked from userbase or 
techbase, as appropriate.

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