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Frederic Sheedy sheedy at
Sat Jan 3 20:52:44 UTC 2009

2009/1/3 Anne Wilson <annew at>:
> I know that most of the maintenance of these language pages falls on kde
> translators, and I don't want to make it harder for them than necessary.
> However, I'm unsure just what implications we need to consider.  I'd be glad
> to hear any thoughts, pros and cons, regarding this.

- clear separation between languages. For example, users will be in
English or French, not a bit of English and French.
- search and random page function will not give multi-language results.
- this is how works, they have experience with wiki
sub-domains, so we are sure that will work.
- this is documented directly from mediawiki:

- need a wiki for each sub domain.
- a user account is valid for only one wiki (to be confirm).
- need to do modifications on the actual wiki.

By making sub domains, we will offer to KDE users a fully translated wiki.

Frédéric Sheedy
Webmaster of

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