Restructuring techbase and userbase

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Sat Jan 3 15:17:43 UTC 2009


I'm proposing some changes to how pages are organized and structured on
techbase and userbase.

It's not entirely clear where such discussion belongs. See to catch 
up. Basically, I'm trying to make it more clear how to contribute to any 
particular team or module, and I want to structure techbase in a way to 
accommodate that.

Currently some teams have pages which live below the Projects/ page, like, and particular games live a few
levels below that:

I don't think there's any need for all those subpages. I propose moving such
pages to Userbase already uses the$APP scheme. Additionally would be moved to, so that if you want to get started contributing
to a module, you go to$MODULENAME.

I think Projects/ makes more sense for things like:

Projects/Migrate KMail to Akonadi
Projects/Port KJots to KDE4 pillars
Projects/Move libplama to kdelibs
Projects/Reviewing techbase and userbase structure

Projects/ would look like an index of those projects. By using the Mediawiki
template functionality, we can also have eg, KDEPIM/Projects which is an
index of Projects within the KDEPIM team. [[KDEPIM/Projects]] would have
the content like

== KDEPIM projects ==
* [[Projects/Migrating kmail to akonadi]]
* [[porting kjots to kde4 pillars]]

the [[KDEPIM]] page would then include that page:

== KDEPIM module ==



The Projects page would then include the projects from all the modules.




To see this in action, see the source of, and There
are some decisions to be made to make that consistent, but that's not hard.
It's just something I want to get concensus on.

The same structure of makes sense for Tutorials on techbase and userbase.

Another issue I'd like to see fixed is URL normalization. If I use konqueror
up while on a tutorial page, I get to
which is not the same as without the
slash on the end. There are a few ways to solve this.

1) mediawiki redirects for pages with subpages. Ie redirect [[Tutorials/]]
to [[Tutorials]]. This is not a big job if we reduce the number of subpages
and sub-sub-pages as I'm proposing.
2) HTTP redirects (301, permanent redirect request.url_with_slash to
request.url_without_slash). I can't think of a reason someone would want a
slash on the end of a page in techbase or userbase.
3) Maybe mediawiki has a setting for this?

Yet another thing that I don't see a reason for is that it's not possible to
create a 'normal' account on userbase. Why is that? Can we change it?

What do you think of these ideas?


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