New dot brings many dead links

Kyle Cunningham kyle at
Tue Feb 10 17:19:15 UTC 2009

> Are there any plans to fix it?
> Making redirects?
I already made a module to do this.  It could break everything on the
dot however.  I'd like to test it some more before activating it.

> Another question regarding the dot:
> Could somebody please give a little background information.
> What engine is powering the dot? CMS?
> Where is it hosted? SVN?
> What is the content storage format? DB, XML, flatfile?
The dot is being powered by Drupal and backed with MySql.  Code wise
it's on the dot server ;).  It should be in svn but I don't have an
account.  The modules I've made for this need some cleanup and then will
be going into contrib on

> articles. The history of is very useful. I don't know any details 
> about zope and it's cms, but I am waiting for some work now for years. I am 
> the webmaster of and we often translate news artices to german. But I 
> hate to grep the website for articles. I want to get the articles in an XML-
> Format. With Drupal I am sure to get this done, cause I can code php a little. 
Drupal has native translation capabilities so this isn't need.  At that
point it would be a matter of pulling off of an RSS feed.

Kyle Cunningham

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