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Jaroslaw S kexipl at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 16:04:22 UTC 2009

2009/12/23 Ingo Malchow <ingomalchow at googlemail.com>:
> 2009/12/23 Jaroslaw S <kexipl at gmail.com>:
>> 2009/12/23 Anne Wilson <annew at kde.org>:
>>> On Wednesday 23 December 2009 12:40:45 you wrote:
>>>> 2009/12/23 Anne Wilson <annew at kde.org>:
>>>> >> Good Idea.
>>>> >> Even while Bob has no access to Kexi 2.x yet, a good start is to
>>>> >> carefully migrate 1.x documentation to the userbase wiki for
>>>> >> incremental updates. There are obviously parts of the workflow that so
>>>> >> not change (if we don't count screenshots).
>>>> >
>>>> > I would suggest that we handle this in a way similar to the Plasma pages
>>>> > - we build the pages under the revision number, then the main page is
>>>> > redirected to the current revision while an infobox tells people where to
>>>> > find older versions.  The structure is partially set up, in response to a
>>>> > recent request to move file-format support information - see
>>>> > http://userbase.kde.org/Kexi/1.6/Text for an example.
>>>> >
>>>> > So we would start with creating the page Kexi/2.2/Kexi and then any
>>>> > subpages needed would be Kexi/2.2/PageName.  Does that sound OK?  The
>>>> > existing documentation can be put under the 1.6 section - I'll help with
>>>> > that if you wish.
>>>> That's ok, but I would prefer Kexi/Handbook/ path. No need to put
>>>> versions into the place (changes too quickly).
>>>> Thanks for the feedback!
>>> That's fine as well.
>>>> By the way, I offered my help to the kde-www team regardingthe
>>>> breadcrumb links on the userbase/techbase.
>>>> It's a small taks but I still didnt get the access. Is there anything
>>>> that stops us from having the sites navigation improved?
>>>> (I am asking because people add a lot of navigation links by hand (!),
>>>> and also the language template is not the best way of handling things
>>>> - one could use e.g. mediawiki namespaces, otherwise searching is a
>>>> nightmare)
>>> Nothing happened for a long time as no-one capable of doing the necessary on
>>> the server had the time.  Then recently I teamed up with the forum guys, and
>>> neverendingo has now got full rights over userbase.  We're doing a lot of work
>>> to improve matters, but it will take a few more weeks before things show up.
>>> Part of the problem is that our wikis are running an old version of mediawiki
>>> - and this will have to be changed first.
>> This is always the case - mediawiki just moves quickly forward :)
>>> Breadcrumb navigation in mediawiki must be harder than you'd think.  There are
>>> several extensions to allow it, but none of them give breadcrumbs structured
>>> like the ones in dolphin.  That suggests to me that there is a problem.
>> I have implemented my own and can be inserted into the template. (see kexi.pl )
>>> However, there exists an extension that gives breadcrumbe using categories as
>>> the intermediate crumb.  That looks more promising, but is not yet tested on
>>> our sandbox wiki.
>> Hmm, categories are nonlinear so it looks more like  a tag soup, isn't it?
>>> This is one of the things that we hope to realise in the
>>> next few weeks.  We have lots of plans that will improve matters :-), one of
>>> which is to get a better search engine in.
>>> I haven't forgotten your offer, but if a tool already exists there's no point
>>> in wasting your time.  OTOH, once we have the updated wiki running, if the
>>> extensions tested don't meet our needs, at least you will have someone
>>> available to talk to wrt trying out your method.  Having the sandbox is a
>>> great help.
>> Alternatively, if I could get you copy of mediawiki files and
>> directories with the template, I could try to run it locally and make
>> a patch that the admin can apply.
> Hi Jaroslaw,
> what we currently testing is the latest version Wikimedia itself uses,
> with some backport fixes and a bundle of preselected extensions. You
> can check it out with svn from
> http://svn.wikimedia.org/svnroot/mediawiki/branches/wmf-deployment/
> The template can be found on our own KDE svn server, see
> http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/www/patches/mediawiki/

OK, I hope I find time and the data structures of mediawiki did not
change too much.

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