[Bug 185988] ftp.kde.org unstable "releases" have ever-changing structure and filenames

Henrik Pauli henrik.pauli at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 13:25:18 UTC 2009


--- Comment #4 from Henrik Pauli <henrik pauli gmail com>  2009-12-21 14:25:02 ---
Thanks for looking into it :)

Is there a reason for the src subdirectory?  I’m personally fine with it, but I
guess it could be enough to have MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO/kdeBLAH-etcetc.tar.bz2
directly like that.  Though do give counterexamples for this if you know of
any.  In the end though, it would be nice if it would be the same across the
releases (and no change of structure every other week for no apparent reason).

The svn revision in the file names seems superfluous at best and could be put
into a readme file for those who really care about it, otherwise I guess any
MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO should be an SVN tag anyway, and then it’s obvious what
revision a version refers to (but then you mention you do that with the later
releases and then sometimes modify it, not sure how that could be handled...). 
Eventually when you guys move to Git, you’d probably have to do it this way
anyway (seeing how commit IDs are unsightly garbage).  But if you really want
to put the revision in the file names, please separate it from the micro
version, it was way easier to handle.

I’d love it if other packagers shared their opinions about this...

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