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Thu Dec 3 11:14:07 UTC 2009

I have become increasingly aware that we have some very big, important grey 
areas that we need to consider.  First, we have the issue of behind-the-scenes 
services that are crucial to us, such as CUPS and SANE.   SANE we largely 
ignore, because the various scanning applications simply pull it in and 
configure it, assuming that the scanner is a recognised one.  What about CUPS, 
though?  I've always used localhost:631 to set up my printers, but does the 
printer configuration tool in systemsettings do everything that's necessary?

We have a System category, but up to now have set that only for our system 
configuration and monitoring type tools.  If direct CUPS setup is still 
necessary for some types of printing (networked, shared, print-server?) should 
we include this information in that section, or separate it in some way?

Then, for the user point of view, you can't totally separate KDE from Linux.  
Should we have a section where we can give guidance on things like networking 
issues, security, etc., or for that matter any general linux issues?

Userbase is, and must remain, primarily a support tool for KDE users, but I'm 
concerned that if we stay too 'pure' on this issue we ignore the real world.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on these and any similar issues.

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