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Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Wed Aug 26 12:35:15 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 26 August 2009 10:42:06 Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 August 2009, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > While reporting a problem to the CWG recently the following comment was
> > made:
> >
> > <quote>
> > I had
> > trouble finding and documents on the KDE websites regarding the CWG
> > apart from
> > </quote>
> >
> > Following that link, there doesn't seem to be any direct path (or
> > indirect, as far as I can see) to the Code of Conduct.
> >
> > There is a link to where it says the
> > Charter of the CWG can be found, but this is currently an empty page,
> > without any navigation links to either the charter of the CoC.
> >
> > I know this is work-in-progress, but we have the situation where the
> > up-to- date documents were taken down (from before any
> > new input was ready.
> Yes, we should fix that. I was waiting for Danimo to import the Project
> data into, before working on the content there, but that
> seems to be stalled. Danimo, what's the status?
> If this doesn't work out, we should start to move over the content
> manually, and start to fill the community Wiki with the relevant content
> (like the CWG charter, etc.)

I put up the documents on the old site, and can do them again on this one, as 
long as the navigation panel links are fixed up first.  I did have a login for up to the changes but trying to use it now says there is no 
user annew.  I guess the accounts were not moved over.  I'll re-register - but 
I still need the navigation fixed before I can do the job.

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