kde.org front page is crap ;)

Andreas Mohr andi at lisas.de
Tue Aug 25 20:34:02 UTC 2009


ok, not quite, but at least for one very widespread purpose this is
rather VERY true:
getting to _local_ content.

Problem being that "the worst of the worst cases" happened locally:
some generic newspaper here writing a rather balanced article about
Windows, Mac, Linux (funny that in these days and ages of massive
Mafia$oft influence people still happen to write such things in
black-and-white newspapers at times).

And they had nothing better to do than mentioning just these two URLs
for "Linux":

http://www.kde.org (hmm; but still ok)
http://www.kernel.org (ARGH!!! WTH?)

And the problem is that our fellow German readers will see a _huge_
web site "all-English" and nowhere to go, except for that tiny, tiny
"International" menu item at the very bottom (which given its position
90% of people will miss).

I'd thus like to kindly request that one switches to a _good_
representation of local content _immediately_.

This should be done NO WAY OTHER THAN by adding two or three VERY visible
and VERY well-known country flags at the VERY top of the web page,
immediately leading to the country selection of local content.
(or better, perhaps via "International: <FLAGS>")

And I'd like to ask you to do this very soon since the article went live
some days ago and it's very important to have good directions for people,
no matter where they're coming from.

One last question: why is it that language selection of OSS websites always
SUCKS donkeys? (this is not my first complaint about such things, by far)


Andreas Mohr

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