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Thomas Thym ungethym at mevin.net
Wed Apr 29 18:37:40 UTC 2009

Thanks for trying KDE on Solaris. 

There is a special maining list for KDE on Solaris: kde-solaris at mail.kde.org
I forwarded your mail to that list.
Feel free to subscribe to the mailing list here: https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-solaris


Am Dienstag 28 April 2009 22:13:01 schrieb DRWoeltje at stkate.edu:
> Yes, I'm trying to get KDE installed on Solaris 10 x86. I'm trying to 
> follow the instructions, but I'm running into problems.
> With a fresh install of Solaris 10 x86, running as a guest OS in VMware 
> Workstation 6.5, I downloaded the first file KDEkderequired-343.tar.bz2. I 
> bunziped it, untarred it, and ran the pkgadd. But a number of parts of the 
> install failed and they scrolled across the terminal window so fast that I 
> couldn't catch what all of them were. The only one I caught was the last 
> one; openldap. I'm wondering why KDE needs openldap? I certainly don't 
> need openldap for my system. I don't know what else failed. At the end of 
> the install, the pkgadd returned that it had partially failed. The 
> openldap portion failed because of invalid attributes; it was trying to 
> find a group called ldap (which doesn't exist) and a user called cyrus 
> (which also doesn't exist).
> If I finally get past getting all of the required files installed and then 
> the distro files installed, I still have an issue regarding the language 
> files. Which file do I need to download and install? The ONLY language I 
> want is U.S. English and UTF-8 (C Posix?). I don't need any other 
> languages than UTF-8 and any other U.S. English language files. I don't 
> need all those foreign language files. But I can't find a list that tells 
> what the file name, of each language file, equates to.
> I could use a little assistance. And while I'm at it, since some of you 
> are Sr. Software Developers at Sun, maybe you can tell me why my Solaris 
> 10, running as a VMware guest OS, won't recognize when I do a CD change. I 
> can even shut Solaris down, close the VMware software completely, reopen 
> the VMware software, reboot Solaris 10, login, access the CD-Rom drive and 
> it still shows the incorrect media (media that is no longer in the drive). 
> Or maybe you can point me to the person (or persons) that can answer that 
> question.
> Don Woeltje, CISSP
> Information Security Analyst
> College of St. Catherine
> Computing Services Department
> 2004 Randolph, Mailstop #F-34
> St. Paul, MN 55105
> 651-690-6007
> drwoeltje at stkate.edu

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