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DRWoeltje at stkate.edu DRWoeltje at stkate.edu
Tue Apr 28 20:13:01 UTC 2009

Yes, I'm trying to get KDE installed on Solaris 10 x86. I'm trying to 
follow the instructions, but I'm running into problems.

With a fresh install of Solaris 10 x86, running as a guest OS in VMware 
Workstation 6.5, I downloaded the first file KDEkderequired-343.tar.bz2. I 
bunziped it, untarred it, and ran the pkgadd. But a number of parts of the 
install failed and they scrolled across the terminal window so fast that I 
couldn't catch what all of them were. The only one I caught was the last 
one; openldap. I'm wondering why KDE needs openldap? I certainly don't 
need openldap for my system. I don't know what else failed. At the end of 
the install, the pkgadd returned that it had partially failed. The 
openldap portion failed because of invalid attributes; it was trying to 
find a group called ldap (which doesn't exist) and a user called cyrus 
(which also doesn't exist).

If I finally get past getting all of the required files installed and then 
the distro files installed, I still have an issue regarding the language 
files. Which file do I need to download and install? The ONLY language I 
want is U.S. English and UTF-8 (C Posix?). I don't need any other 
languages than UTF-8 and any other U.S. English language files. I don't 
need all those foreign language files. But I can't find a list that tells 
what the file name, of each language file, equates to.

I could use a little assistance. And while I'm at it, since some of you 
are Sr. Software Developers at Sun, maybe you can tell me why my Solaris 
10, running as a VMware guest OS, won't recognize when I do a CD change. I 
can even shut Solaris down, close the VMware software completely, reopen 
the VMware software, reboot Solaris 10, login, access the CD-Rom drive and 
it still shows the incorrect media (media that is no longer in the drive). 
Or maybe you can point me to the person (or persons) that can answer that 

Don Woeltje, CISSP
Information Security Analyst
College of St. Catherine
Computing Services Department
2004 Randolph, Mailstop #F-34
St. Paul, MN 55105
drwoeltje at stkate.edu
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