Including FTOSX in KDE list ...

Jason Bainbridge jason at
Thu Jun 5 21:29:54 UTC 2003

On Fri, 6 Jun 2003 05:11, Martin Konold wrote:
> --

How does that reflect badly upon them? So they provide commercial support for 
Linux, what does that matter? Plenty of companies do that and I have seen 
worse charges than that as well...

I think given we already whack the following disclaimer on binaries, that 
there should be no problem in listing them:

"Please note that the KDE Project makes these packages available from the KDE 
web site as a convenience to KDE users. The KDE Project is not responsible 
for these packages as they are provided by third parties - typically, but not 
always, the distributor of the relevant distribution - using tools, 
compilers, library versions and quality assurance procedures over which the 
KDE project has no control. "

How exactly is it going to have an adverse effect on KDE if we list them as 
providing binary packages? Fair enough this means they are likely to need an 
FTP account but surely this would be locked down to their own directory, so 
how is that such a risk?

At the very least we should agree to a probationary period of say a month and 
if there are no complaints during that period then make it permanent, but 
even that seems silly to me.

Jason Bainbridge

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