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Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Thu Jan 30 23:55:26 UTC 2003

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[Christoph Cullmann]
> I think we should try to come up with a original, well designed and
> usable colorscheme for KDE and it's homepage for the future (such a own
> recognizable colorscheme is very important for t-shirts, businesscards,
> promo pages, ...., too).

I agree.

> Perhaps Tink can help us very much (at least with advices) with that
> topic, as she has a really good background in the color/graphics/...
> area.

Yes, that would be good.

> That topic is open for disscussion, which means each proposal is
> welcome

Well, since there were hardly any replys to my suggested colour scheme 
based on a colour traditionally used very much in KDE, I guess that 
people are unconfident with it. (It would be nice to know why.)

Or maybe someone else just has a better suggestion.


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