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Christoph Cullmann cullmann at babylon2k.de
Thu Jan 30 20:58:11 UTC 2003

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the whole blue or not blue or other blue disscussion seems to started a bit 
too personal at the beginning (mostly because of some misunderstandings on 
this list) I think but gets better now (which means more centered on the 
design area) I hope.

We should go away from the whole legal stuff I think (yeah, we should be aware 
that we might get into trouble if we reuse colors protected by other 
companies, but that should not be our main concern atm).

What we need to think about is: Does we really want a colorscheme which may 
not legally a problem but which may be a great promotion and advertising 
problem. Microsoft or any company might not be able to sue us for our current 
colorscheme of the page, but does we really want to look like a bad copy (not 
design- but colorwise) ?

I think we should try to come up with a original, well designed and usable 
colorscheme for KDE and it's homepage for the future (such a own recognizable 
colorscheme is very important for t-shirts, businesscards, promo pages, ...., 
too). Perhaps Tink can help us very much (at least with advices) with that 
topic, as she has a really good background in the color/graphics/... area.

Therefor: Please cool down. We (neither I or Tink) want to make anybodies work 
here bad, we just want to show that we really should come up with a CI on our 
own for the future. That topic is open for disscussion, which means each 
proposal is welcome, but please no more flamewars ;)


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