Organisation of files in the new site

Andreas Pour pour at
Thu Jan 30 19:00:03 UTC 2003


With PHP it is easy to satsify everyone :-).   There are 3 obvious options, if
these all present problems I am sure they can be worked around.

All options assume that /contact.html is moved to contact/index.html .  I think
Option 2 should be implemented for a short time (3-4 months) and then switched
to Option 3.


Create a new /contact.html with the line:
<?php include("contact/index.html"); ;>


Create a new /contact.html with the line:

<?php header("Status: 302 Moved Temporarily");
      header("Location: contact/index.html");


Create a simple template page that says "This page has moved" with a link and
automatic redirect to the new page, that way people can update their bookmarks
over time and maybe in 3,4 years the legacy link can be removed.  This can be
accomplished with something like

  $page = "contact/index.html";

where has a template for what I described above.

Actually this option dovetails with Option 2 well.  At first you make
"" something like:

      if (!@is_string($page))
        $page = "/";
      if ($page == $PHP_SELF)
        die("INTERNAL ERROR"); // avoid infinite loops
      header("Status: 302 Moved Temporarily");
      header("Location: $page");

Then in a few months update this file to output some HTML with a redirect
META-tag and a note to update bookmarks.  Result:  smooth transition.



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