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here our nice new todo list (eh, in reality it is a list I come up with what 
we should do now ;)

  - fix the location, think jasone is working on the last bit

  - clean up the html / CSS code, root66 has checkout the modul, is working on 
     the templates, but good ideas are always welcome how to skip some known 
    display problems

  - kde_links: how does we implement linking between different areas ? like
    from to kde-ev homepage and other way around ? If we use 
    http::// and as absolute links, 
    our new pages are as broken for all our mirrors (which mostly use CVS + 
    php and not wget) as our current ones (where nearly each click leads back 
    to the mainserver). I would like to adopt the kde_links style, 
    inspired from frerich or somebody else, where we have a global hash which 
   maps the real world location with the CVS location and the server "can" 
   change that in a to overwrite our defaults.

   How it will look:
      kde_link ("/", "whatiskde/index.php") will return string 
      and kde_link ("/areas/kde-ev", "meetings/2002.php") will return

   As we only have a handfull of different areas/apps pages, to maintain that   
   hash won't make any real work, simply one new entry per new area/app.

   Comments? If no good other ideas, will implement that this weekend.
   Not counting as good idea: "mirrors should use wget", our mirrors doesn't, 
   and loose all mirrors because of "they should" is no option

  - porting/review of content:
    Who ever wants to port a part of the kde mainpage to the new stuff in 
    kde-www should please drop a mail here which part he wants to port, that 
    we can organize our efforts (a date when he wants to port the stuff would 
    help a lot too, and please not: sometimes, after my next 2 weeks holiday)


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