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> [Navindra Umanee]
> >

> I can top this:

OK, problem seems to be solved with relative sizes. But can the area on 
top of the page be made smaller? It is currently extremely large.

> I also checked for possible accessibility issues using Bobby - the only
> real problem I found is the "onmouseover"-javascript in line 134, which
> won't work on all browsers and is generally an accessibility problem.
> But since the jevascript doesn't work in Konqueror (KDE 3.0.5) nor in
> Mozilla, I guess this is just a placeholder and the href="#" and
> onmouseover things will both be replaced by real links later.
> Bobby also told me that there should always be a seperator between two
> links (line 155).
> Is it already clear which overall navigation structure will exist? I
> so, then I would like to suggest keyboard shortcuts. I can do so once
> the navigation framework is clear.
> Also, could "Accessibility" ( be added to
> the "Community" links?

Oh, one thing I forgot: The tables should have a hints for screen readers. 
I will look into this and post a suggestion.


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