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First of all, thank you for improving accessibility related issues in

I still see some problems, but none of them seem to be difficult to 

[Navindra Umanee]

I can top this:

On my system (KDE 3.0.5a), the navigation areas are generally far too big. 
This seems to be related to the font size. The layout looks fine in 
Mozilla (which always has far too small font sizes), but in Konqueror it 
is currently unusable unless I browse with a maximized window. That was 
not the case with earlier versions of this design - it must have been 
changed in the last 3 weeks or so.

I also checked for possible accessibility issues using Bobby - the only 
real problem I found is the "onmouseover"-javascript in line 134, which 
won't work on all browsers and is generally an accessibility problem. But 
since the jevascript doesn't work in Konqueror (KDE 3.0.5) nor in 
Mozilla, I guess this is just a placeholder and the href="#" and 
onmouseover things will both be replaced by real links later.

Bobby also told me that there should always be a seperator between two 
links (line 155).

Is it already clear which overall navigation structure will exist? I so, 
then I would like to suggest keyboard shortcuts. I can do so once the 
navigation framework is clear.

Also, could "Accessibility" ( be added to the 
"Community" links?



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