Sebastian Faubel s.faubel at
Fri Jan 3 17:38:35 UTC 2003

> It bumps more important content like the links to the sub-websites's not mandatory to have it on the right side, could also be
part of the content...

> doesn't really serve any useful purpose that justifies that IMHO.

Is to know what people think, like or don't like about KDE not a
valuable reason to have one?

> Yeah 3.1 branch.  The Search Box is huge, causing horizontal scrolling
> and none of the images are displayed.

Search Box: Bug. There are no images in this version until i (we)
haven't found a CSS solution to rely on.... 

> I just noticed: Do we really have to have a fixed bottom frame?  It's
> a bit annoying to have the legalese linger around all the time.

The Problem is CSS:
I didn't find any solution yet, which allows either the content area or
the navigation to be "larger" and still displaying the footer underneath
it - that's why i temporarily took it this way.

> Good work!

It just will get better, if we all work together! 
(wonderful, it rhymes ;-)

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