Navindra Umanee navindra at
Fri Jan 3 16:29:02 UTC 2003

Sebastian Faubel <s.faubel at> wrote:
> > Please remove the useless poll box and move the Language box as Dre
> > said.  [The Poll box] just wastes space and and bumps the links.
> Why is a poll useless?

It bumps more important content like the links to the sub-websites and
doesn't really serve any useful purpose that justifies that IMHO.
Looks better now, thanks.

> > Doesn't render on Konqueror properly yet it seems.
> 3.1? In 3.0 it's redering just fine, but still working on that.

Yeah 3.1 branch.  The Search Box is huge, causing horizontal scrolling
and none of the images are displayed.

I just noticed: Do we really have to have a fixed bottom frame?  It's
a bit annoying to have the legalese linger around all the time.

Good work!


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