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Thu Jan 2 19:55:54 UTC 2003


Looks good, as far as I got.  

When I tried to click on some links, I couldn't b/c they require JavaScript.  I
don't visit any sites which require JavaScript b/c I hate JavaScript, and IMHO
requiring JavaScript to do something as simple as follow a link is a broken
design.  I realize will not bombard me w/ popup ads but the general rule
is, if it does not require JavaScript - and following a link most certainly does
not - don't require JavaScript :-).

One thing I did notice so far:  the screen estate at the top is very valuable,
yet a good deal of it is wasted do to the "Choose Your Location" form element. 
Can't that go under the "Explore" box?

That's it for now :-).



Christoph Cullmann wrote:
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> Hi,
> under now the latest proposal from root66 is online. What
> should I say much about it, go and take a look.
> And some screenshots:
> (older:
> root66 knows that there are still some "flaws" in the php/html/css code (which
> is accessible in the www module under www/testing) and invites all people
> interested in helping to improve the code (to get the whole page even more
> browser compatible for the mainstream browsers and to clean up the
> php/html/css code)
> If somebody comes up with improvements, please contact root66 (Sebastian
> Faubel <s.faubel at>).
> cu
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