dot story ? ;)

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Fri Feb 28 12:55:48 UTC 2003

Christoph Cullmann <christoph.cullmann at> schrieb am
28.02.2003, 13:12:51:
> the users should get infos about the changes now and not in days or weeks. The
> page is now switched and the users should get a chance
> to have informations about what we changed, why, who, infos about the
> changed mirror requirements and last but not least some
> "there are errors, we know, will be fixed" sentences. 

OK, you have convinced me. I would be willing to write such a dot story,
but I will be away till Tuesday, so maybe someone else volunteers before

> Let the user unclear what happens to until we have fixed the last
> minor bugs doesn't help.

I agree. If we don't get the cookies working, then maybe we should
simply disable the settings and make sure we have a vote real soon.
Could you ask Dre to set up something?


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