Problem porting Usability to the new design

Jason Bainbridge jaseone at
Mon Feb 17 12:42:56 UTC 2003

On Monday 17 February 2003 20:10, ojschmidt at wrote:
> [Jason Bainbridge]
> > Apart from having to re-do all the's which isn't really a
> > problem just time consuming, I'd like to be able to replace the Search
> > form from the main page with the existing one from
> I would prefer a solution where a subsite specific search could be
> integrated into the general search engine.
> Then you could select either
> "", "", "Applications", "Themes",
> "Documentation" or "Google" on,
> "", "", "Applications", "Themes",
> "Documentation" or "Google" on, and so on, without
> the need to write new search engines for every subsite of
> Is it possible to create a general solution this way?

It would be possible to do this but currently the search engine used is an 
external one and not very efficient, I did propose we change to Daniel 
Naber's Perlfect Search Engine that is used on  a few of the subdomains 
already including Usability but I didn't get much feedback.

> > PS. just realised I haven't fixed the Location function to include the
> > current page yet, I'll do that while porting usability.
> IMHO opinion the location should only be shown on the KDE home page, and
> maybe application home pages that have a translation (but then the
> Location menu would have to be a specific one).

I was referring to the breadcrumb menu here, a separate mail addressed the 
Location dropdown and Christoph has subsequently made that optional.

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